Josi is any new mother's savior. She was mine. She cooked, cleaned, and catered to my every need, all while helping my new baby and me bond and rest together for hours on end. She also has extensive breastfeeding experience, and she offered me advice and support in the early days for my breastfeeding problems that ultimately saved my breastfeeding relationship with my son. I can't imagine transitioning into parenthood without her!    -Nikki
Josi supported me with her warmth and wisdom during the postpartum time. She offered tips to keep my sleepy newborn awake during feeding, and she provided me a swaddle and mobi tutorial. She even made me a hands-free pumping bra that I used every day upon returning to work. With my new babe wrapped around me (thanks to my recent tutorial), we took a walk on our neighborhood bike path, and Josi listened to all of my excitement and anxiety about being a new mama. I am so grateful for Josi's kindness and expertise during this special time.     -Zoe
Josi was essential to helping me and my husband adjust to life with a newborn.  She is a wellspring of newborn care knowledge! She gave concrete, practical advice but also made sure that we were taking care of ourselves. I feel more confident in my new role as a mom and am so thankful to have had her support in the early postpartum days.   -Frannie